Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

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A shopper of Fashion Looking for Brands that Match Their Values

A shopper of Fashion Looking for Brands

A shopper of Fashion Looking for Brands

In the coming year, fashion shoppers will choose their preferred markers based on their own beliefs and values rather than on past loyalties.

The Samsung Fashion Institute states that the needs of consumers will be more and more broken in this year and that sophisticated targets should also be implemented by brands.

A shopper of Fashion Looking for Brands

The Institute noted that the fashion industry shifts from products to services in the same way. In this sense.

The changes occur as buyers are looking for alternative products and step away from the traditional way of expending. H&M and Ganni clothing rental services are some of the prime examples.

The Institute proposed that industry focus on what are known as’ narrative branding’ in order to move its views toward customers.

The industry will have the task of providing reasons for buying from a certain company and holding customers fond of the brand.

So,’ Lim Ji-Yeon, director of the Samsung Fashion Institute said,’ those who do not want labels, even when they need brands, do not follow their respective faiths.’

One example of the reason customer was’ sustainable fashion,’ whereby a marketplace continues to emerge, targeted at customers who care about the environment, which only collects sustainable fashion brands.

Additionally, clothing and other clothing services are becoming more common as more customers do not consider clothes as a matter of ownership as a sharing idea.

“Companies that have not responded to a consumer market framework will not be able to produce results next year,” said Lim, adding that it should be a year for firms to remain closer to consumers.